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Antonia Swinson
Antonia Swinson

Antonia Swinson is the incoming Director of the Ethical Property Foundation. She has been a non profit Chief Executive since 2005 and also worked on a range of new writing and business projects which fuse her interest in small business and social enterprise with practical politics. She is a seasoned campaigner and policy strategist, working with like-minded clients across the commercial and non-profit sectors.

Antonia has served on the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust Power & Responsibility Committee and is currently a Fellow of the RSA.

Prior to this, Antonia enjoyed a successful career as an award winning business journalist contributing to London and Scottish nationals. For six years, she wrote the popular weekly Passing Comment column in the business section of Scotland on Sunday as well as five published books: three novels and two non-fiction works, including her acclaimed 2003 polemic Root of all Evil? How To Make Spiritual Values Count, which predicted the current global economic situation and established a new role as an adviser on both Scottish and UK small business policy.

Antonia has campaigned for many years on small business issues and community engagement, contributing to new thinking around micro credit and land use. She has written extensively on financial and policy issues for magazines as diverse as the New Statesman, Life & Work and Regeneration & Renewal. TV appearances include Channel 4 'Dosh'; BBC 4 ‘Games Britannia’, plus broadcasts on Radio 4 Today Programme’s ‘Thought for the Day’ and BBC Radio Scotland.

Most recently, Antonia contributed an extended introduction to the new edition of her late father Arthur Swinson’s 1963 classic ‘Scotch on the Rocks’, the true story of the Whisky Galore boat, the SS Politician. An active campaigner for writers and good writing, she is a former Chair of the Society of Authors in Scotland, sitting on the Society of Authors UK Committee under the chairmanship of Anthony Beevor.

In addition to business writing, Antonia has been the Daily Express TV critic writing the daily Last Night’s View column and created the popular weekly Allotment Tales gardening column in The Scotsman Magazine.

Sunday, 21 April, 2019
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