Antonia Swinson, FRSA

Antonia Swinson
Antonia Swinson

Policy & Communication Strategist, Social Entrepreneur, Award Winning Business Writer.


"Antonia Swinson makes it all look easy. She Is expert in shifting perceptions, engaging with confidence at the highest political levels and capable of creating strategic synergies and connections where no one saw them before. She makes political communication an essential tool in mainstream business development." Mike Finlayson, CEO Forth Sector

"What a fantastic talent . Swinson writes with great clarity about profoundly complex issues. She reaches out and pulls in any reader - regardless of position or prejudice." Julia Langdon, political commentator

"Swinson is different - almost a new Balzac in the way she conveys the intertwining of money and relationships." Libby Purvis, UK Times columnist

Sunday, 21 April, 2019
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